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2015 Winter Escape
& Alumni Addicts Day
Fun Report

What could be better for an addicted stitcher than to escape in the middle of the winter with fellow addicts to stitch for three days, shop right there for more stash, and to have delicious food, door prizes, gift bags, a stitching exchange, and Show ‘n Tell!  I just can’t think of anything better! 

The annual Winter Escape Retreat is a 2-day event -- but for so many stitchers, two days just wasn’t enough, so an optional third day was added -- the Alumni Addicts Day! 

We met at the very roomy and welcoming Publick House in Sturbridge, MA for our stitching frenzy. For this annual event there is no instructor.  We just bring whatever we want to work on and it’s pretty much Stitchers Gone Wild!  Bush Mountain Stitchery & Framing set up shop for us right there in our big room so that we could further our addiction!

When we first entered the room we picked a seat and dove into our Fun Packs -- oh, boy!  We had wonderful items donated by Brightneedle,  Bush Mountain Stitchery & Framing, Classic Colorworks, Crescent Colors, Dinky Dyes, Kreinik, Morning Glory Needleworks, Praiseworthy Stitches, Rosewood Manor, Samplers & Such, Tempting Tangles, The Prairie Schooler, and Victoria Sampler!  Some of the threads were new to us and we were so very happy to have the opportunity to try them out!

There is a lot of excitement as we see familiar faces and meet new stitchers.  There is just so much laughter and talking, especially when we first arrive!  Eventually we set up our stitching and begin working on our WIPs (works in progress) as we continue laughing and talking and catching up. 


Jeannette with her Fun Pack!




Stitching sessions are broken up by stash enhancement at Bush Mountain Stitchery & Framing.  It’s just so much fun to be able to shop with other stitchers and admire all the great designs and options!  And wow -- did they ever bring a lot of stash for us to drool over!



Our meals were in The Barn, a room right next to our stitching room at the Publick House, and they were delicious!  Always a big hit are their famous Pecan Sticky buns, Yankee Pot Roast, and Chicken Pot Pie. 







We had an optional stitching exchange at the retreat.  You just never know how many will participate!   There could be 20 or more at one retreat, then a handful at another.  At this particular one there were just three participants and it made many of us jealous when we saw the wonderful items they received! 








Throughout the retreat door prizes were given out to very happy recipients.  They were donated by A Sweet Stitch, Brightneedle,  Bush Mountain Stitchery & Framing, Classic Colorworks, Dinky Dyes, Glendon Place, Kreinik, Lizzie Kate, Morning Glory Needleworks, Rosewood Manor, Samplers and Such, The Sweetheart Tree, Victoria Sampler, and With My Needle.  We all love to see what each person receives and to see the different products and designs the donors offer.


Deb with a door prize from The Sweetheart Tree


Jeanne with a door prize from Samplers and Such





Jen with a door prize from Rosewood Manor


Peggy with a door prize from With My Needle





Roberta with a door prize from Glendon Place


Marilyn with a door prize from Lizzie Kate





Lynn with a door prize from Classic Colorworks


Jackie with a door prize from Dinky Dyes





Gayle with a door prize from Dinky Dyes


Jeannette with door prize from
Bush Mountain Stitchery





Janice with door prize from
Morning Glory Needleworks


Liz with door prize from Kreinik





Di with door prize from Bush Mountain Stitchery


Pat with door prize from Rosewood Manor

Show ‘n Tell is held on two days so that we have time to hear about everyone’s work and to then admire each one.  I captured a lot of what we saw in these pictures.





































I think we are just amazing stitchers!!  And how fortunate we are to have so many needlework designers to bring such happiness and beauty into our world! 

I often think about how our common love for needlework instantly draws us together.  We might arrive at a retreat as strangers, but that quickly changes. We immediately have something in common to talk about, and then friendships take off from there.



How fun to spend two or three days together doing what we love so much -- and in such a cozy place removed from the cold of winter outside.


Marilyn with door prize from
Rosewood Manor


Barbara with door prize from
Bush Mountain Stitchery





Donna with door prize from
Morning Glory Needleworks


Lynn with door prize from
Rosewood Manor





Norma with door prize from
Stitcher’s Hideaway


Liz with door prize from
A Sweet Stitch


Publick House Hostess Kris goofing off with yours truly.  Kris is always so much fun.  She loves to come in and admire our work, and tells us ghost stories about the Publick House!



Roberta & Sharron



I started a giant project at this retreat.  It will be 24” square when completed.  It’s a French design -- all red work.  I wonder how much of it I’ll have done by next year’s Winter Escape!

Our time together was absolutely wonderful and we were sorry to see it come to an end!  But we left already dreaming about next year’s retreat! 



Ode to Stitcher's Hideaway
by Marie Sauer

O'er snow and slush and icy path,
Alumni gather in Sturbridge, Mass.
They say it's haunted, or do you scoff
at lights that flicker on and off
and thumps and rattles heard from the loft?

Needles cross from morn till eve.
Threads of friendship we do weave
line by line, to and fro,
french knot, daisy, backstitch row.
Our design begins to grow.

Linen and Aida and colorful thread.
Specialty bags by Roberta and Peg.
Thank you Sue for a job well done.
Now let's go to the bakery and have a sweet bun!

Glorious food is served us there
and luscious cakes with chocolate flair.
Of bulging waistlines we much beware,
but we're so happy, we don't care!


Marie with a door prize from Brightneedle




Hildie intently stitching...


Sharron with a door prize from
Rosewood Manor




“Hi Sue. Sharron and I want to say thank you for a truly wonderful Stitcher's Hideaway Retreat. Everything was great. It all ran so smoothly thanks to you. Having all that time to stitch is the best. Being with good friends is priceless!!!”  ~ Hildie & Sharron 




Marie with a door prize from Victoria Sampler


“I've been remiss (love fancy words) in letting you know what a great job you did on this year’s retreat and how much fun I had.  There was not a single thing that I think could be improved upon (well, maybe except for that creeky ceiling  ;)  .  It was so much fun meeting new folks, and the 3 new friends I made at our table...Kathy, Pat and Janet.  It was just great fun, lots of laughs, wonderful food, shopping and of course a little stitching here and there.

     It's hard to believe just a week ago about now we were starting to wind down our fantastic couple of days.  I was already looking forward to next year’s retreat before last Friday even ended....sooooo sad it had to end.

    Thank YOU so much for making it such a wonderful time.  BRAVO.” 

                                                       ~ Marie




Jamie chillin’

“I've been meaning to write you about our fun filled days hope it's not too late:  I just love love love to stitch for 3 days with all of you lovely ladies.  I always take a break and look around at all of us, heads down, some of us concentrating, some gabbing, some looking at the stash they just purchased and some standing next to another Stitcher's work and admiring it.  Could anything be as relaxing and fun as that?  I love to come and get inspired.  I love to eat all the good food.  I love when we all get a little silly and we're all a bunch of women who love to do this stitching thing and meet at this cozy Inn.  Thank you Sue for all you do to make it possible.” 

                                                         Luv Jamie


Linda with door prize from
BFF Pouches and Bags

“Time seems to fly by when we're together for Stitcher's Hideaway. I plan and re-plan the projects to work on and always do get a good amount accomplished, but never as much as I'd wish. There are all the wonderful distractions: shopping at Bush Mountain Stitchery (just when I say I have enough stash, I go back to look again), visiting and catching up on the news from other stitchers, admiring their WIPs and finishes, and eating. Oh my, the food at the Publick House is amazing! As Kristen our hostess put it "Time to belly-up to the trough again." LOL  I'm counting the days until our next Stitcher's Hideaway.” 

                                                Linda E.




Emma with her Show ‘n Tell

“The Alumni Retreat was a blast, so relaxed and enjoyable. We did so much stitching, shopping, getting to know each other and last but not least the best eating we could ask for. Thank you so much for putting this event together.  Happy stitching!” 

                                                  ~ Emma


Stephanie with a door prize from
The Sweetheart Tree

“What a grand time I had last week in Sturbridge!  Thank you, thank you for your time and energy to organize such a wonderful three days. It was so restful to stitch and visit and be fed.  I appreciated all the “goodies” – threads and charts and the chance to further enhance my stash thanks to Bush Mountain.  I am looking forward to July!  

                                           Best,  Stephanie”




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