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Kindred Spirits Retreats
October 2017 at the Publick House in Sturbridge, MA

Constant Companions:
Sewing Tools from the Old Sturbridge Village Collection

presented by
Rebecca Beall and Jean Contino


Jean Contino (left) and Rebecca Beall

The attendees at both of the Kindred Spirits Retreats experienced a presentation by Rebecca Beall and Jean Contino of Old Sturbridge Village, which explored sewing tools and accessories from the OSV collection including everything from thimbles and scissors to decorative work boxes and housewives.  

Sewing was a constant companion for ladies in the early 19th centry. Though the making and mending of textiles for the family was a daunting task for many young ladies, having the proper sewing tools and accessories certainly made the work easier. Many early 19th century sewing tools were also decorative or had sentimental significance for the owner.

These photos represent most of the objects that we saw -- but oh -- what a wonderful lecture went with them!




























































After the lecture we were able to gather around to admire each piece and ask Rebecca and Jean questions.
What a wonderful opportunity!


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