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Making Waves in Sturbridge!
July 2015
Fun Report

There certainly was a lot of excitement about this retreat!!  This was the first Stitcher’s Hideaway retreat offering a needlepoint project, and what a beauty it is!  The designer is Diane Herrmann and her eye-popping project at this retreat was “Walking on Water’s Edge.”  Stitchers came from AK, CT, MA, MD, ME, NH, NJ, NY, RI, SC, and TX -- and boy were they ever a fun group! Sophia from Texas received special gifts for traveling the farthest.

At the appointed time the stitchers poured into Paige Hall, our classroom at the Publick House Historic Inn in Sturbridge, MA.  After finding a seat, they met Diane, and played in their Fun Packs filled with  wonderful items donated by 123Stitch, Bush Mountain Stitchery & Framing, Crescent Colors, Dinky Dyes, Flower Threads, Kreinik, Morning Glory Needleworks, Prairie Schooler, Rosewood Manor, Samplers & Such, Tempting Tangles, ThreadworX, The Victoria Sampler, and Weeks Dye Works!  Some of the threads were new to us and we were so very happy to have the opportunity to try them out!

We had just an hour before our first class session with Diane was to begin.  Some settled right in and set up their own little stitching nook, while others went right off to do some shopping.   Bush Mountain Stitchery & Framing set up a fabulous shop for us right there at the retreat, and Stitcher’s Hideaway had exclusive designs and logo wear for purchase.  There was a lot of excited chatter as people spotted familiar faces and met first-time Stitchers Hideaway attendees.



Soon we settled down and class began.  Some time was spent mounting our canvas
onto stretcher bars as Diane gave us some introductory instructions. was time for “our first feeding!”


Bring on the sticky buns!!


After lunch and some more time shopping, we got right back into our class again. 

We had breaks during the afternoon and some shopped while others couldn’t stop stitching!




For many of the attendees, including me, this was the first time they had ever used a laying tool.  Look how intense we were!  LOL!  Diane did a great job teaching us how to use it and showed us several types of laying tools.


















Diane with Helene









It was amazing how quickly our concentration paid off!  







Ginny and Ramona




Jane, Diane, Amy



Joan and Pat













It was very exciting to see the color of our waves change as we progressed!


Throughout the retreat door prizes were given out to very happy recipients.  They were donated by 123Stitch,  Brightneedle,  Bush Mountain Stitchery & Framing, Morning Glory Needleworks, Praiseworthy Stitches, Rosewood Manor, Samplers and Such, Seraphim Hand Dyed Fabrics by Laurie, The Gentle Art, The Sweetheart Tree,  Victoria Sampler, Weeks Dye Works, With My Needle, and Karen Cappello - a friend of Stitchers Hideaway.  We all love to see what each person receives and to see the different products and designs the donors offer!


Mary Ann with a door prize from
The Sweetheart Tree


Lenore with door prize from 123Stitch





Dianne with a door prize from Rosewood Manor


Elin with a door prize from With My Needle





Helene with door prize from
Bush Mountain Stitchery


Hildie with door prize from
Praiseworthy Stitches





Carol with door prize from Victoria Sampler


Irene with door prize from Rosewood Manor





SueAnne with Gift Certificate from 123Stitch


Nancy with door prize from The Sweetheart Tree





Amy with door prize from
Morning Glory Needleworks


Shelly with door prize from
With My Needle





Pamm with door prize from
Bush Mountain Stitchery


Jeanne with door prize from
Victoria Sampler


After our delicious dinner we headed back to our classroom for some evening fun!

We had an optional stitching exchange with a sea theme!  Participants had to hand stitch something to do with the sea and then finish as some type of object.  The variety and skill displayed were impressive!











Diane, our wonderful instructor!





























That night everyone received two designs from me.  The first one, Making Waves in Sturbridge, was designed for the stitching exchange (shown in wood box above), and all attendees received a kit to make this remembrance of our time together
for themselves. 



The second one, The Best Ships, was designed as a remembrance of the wonderful
fun and friendship we share as stitchers.
Both of the designs were packaged as kits -- floss, charms, linen and all.


I received a special gift, too!  LOL!
My new ceptor as reigning Frog Princess!



During Day 2 of our class we learned to make a Bullion Knot Stitch star fish
and Eyelet foam.

Diane is such an excellent and patient teacher!

More and more door prizes were given out on the second day!  What fun!!!!!


Barbara with door prize from
Rosewood Manor


Debby with door prize from
Praiseworthy Stitches





Helene with door prize from


Jane with door prize from
Bush Mountain Stitchery





SueAnne with door prize from
The Gentle Art


Sandy with door prize from
Bush Mountain Stitchery





Sophia with door prize from With My Needle


Terre with door prize from 123Stitch





Timsey with door prize from Weeks Dye Works


Mary Ellen with door prize from
Morning Glory Needleworks





Linda with door prize from Rosewood Manor


Linda with door prize from Karen Cappello





Lynda with door prize from 123stitch


Emma with door prize from Weeks Dye Works


We had SO MUCH FUN!!!!

Dianne, Randi, Elin





Sisters Sophia and Meredith






Danielle, Helene and Randi treated me to
breakfast one morning.  What a delightful two-or more-cup start to my day with such fun company! weakness....




Did I mention how much we loved shopping at Bush Mountain Stitchery?!?   Woo-hoo!!





On our last night together we had a fabulous Show ‘n Tell session!  
WOW!  You couldn’t help but be inspired by all the beautiful work we saw!























































I had a fantastic time at the retreat, I absolutely loved Diane Herrmann. I think she is been the best teacher I have ever taken, she made you feel relaxed and she explained things sooooo clearly. I would take another class with her anytime.  I loved the Inn, the food, the staff and the stitching room was really nice, great lighting! You did a fantastic job, thank you. Can’t wait to get back to stitching.  Thank you again for all that you do to make this happen for all us stitchers!!!





One of the things I liked best was the way Diane described her design process step by step. Diane drew her design inspiration from the graph of a sine curve. It was fascinating to follow Diane’s design process as she described how she decided to lengthen and lighten the waves as they approached the shore, why she used 65 beads (no more and no less) to lend sparkle to the eyelet sea foam, how she selected the colors and graphed the proportions of light and dark when blending the strands.  I believe no class is truly a learning experience unless I get to practice a new technique or to try a new stitch. This class met both requirements. After 40 some years of stitching, I finally learned how to lay my stitches.  And I learned the proper way to make a bullion stitch.  Since this was a Sue Donnelly Stitcher’s Hideaway retreat, there were the usual generously stocked gift bags, door prizes and an in house shop.  In other words, it was a very complete stitching experience.       ~ Regina

Regina with door prize from Rosewood Manor



“Making Waves” was just great!   Thank you for a terrific two days. Diane was wonderful, and I enjoyed the relaxed pace.  It is fun to “catch up” with other “alums”, and to meet so many new folks.  As always, the food was delicious, and the door prizes and “goodies” much appreciated!


Stephanie with gift certificate from 123Stitch!



I am so glad you hosted this project - it is a little outside of my comfort range (laying tool newbie) but I learned a lot which is why I signed up for it.


(Jane with one of her Show ‘n Tell pieces




Thanks so much for all you do!  I enjoyed a marvelous time in Sturbridge at the Making Waves Retreat!!!!  Everyone was so welcoming, Diane’s project is fabulous (though I am finding it difficult to make time to stitch!), the Publick House was great!




As usual, Stitcher's Hideaway in Sturbridge was a ton of fun. The location is ideal; the stitching room large and well-lit, and the food is delicious. I love how we sort of "take over" the Publick House and all the staff know who we are and what we are doing. "Walking on Water's Edge" is a wonderful project and a nice change from cross stitch all the time. The holes in needlepoint canvas are larger, that's for sure! It was great to meet so many stitchers new to Stitcher's Hideaway too. You sure put on a great retreat. I so look forward to the next one. 

~ Linda


(Linda with door prize from Weeks Dye Works)


Our time together was absolutely wonderful and we were sorry to see it come to an end!  But we left already dreaming about next year’s retreat!  Come join us!!


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